I purchased a converter box but received a “No Signal” Message after I hooked it up

Mark recently posted a question:

I have purchased two of the RCA converter boxes with the coupon program and have tried to hook them up to my TV’s. When I hook them up I get the message NO Signal. I live in the Saint Louis area and without the converter (just using my rooftop antenna) I get a good picture on several channels. What is the problem and how can I correct this?

Hello Mark, thank you for visiting!
When you get a chance, can you email me and let me know if you have tried connecting your rooftop antenna to the DTV converter boxes?  Have you tried changing the channels on the converter boxes after the message “No Signal” appears on the TV?

I spent memorial weekend driving from St. Louis to Chicago, and was blown away by all of the green landscape and tree’s you guys have!

Anyway, according to consumer reports.org ,you’ll see a black screen that says “Weak or no signal” if you’re either too far from a tower or with too many obstacles in the way.  How tall is the antenna from the ground?

You may want to try connecting a different powered antenna, just to confirm that you don’t have any problems with your roof antenna. Weather can wreak havoc on roof top mounted antennas over time, especially on the coax cabling.

Worst case scenario (not the cheapest alternative!), you may want to have an antenna technician come out ($50/hour) to troubleshoot for you. In most instances, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to diagnose and modify your setup to be optimized for DTV.

Let me know about my questions above, via email or by commenting on this article below.


  1. juanita says:

    I purchased converter box hook it up to tv, but my tv haves a antenna a that haves claps on it,and are hold down by two little screws on the back of tv. I recive fine all local channels before. and with converter box it says that no local channels found.

  2. Robert Fabiszak says:

    I would like to know why all of the adds i see on tv and in the papers. All refer to the box,like thats all you need. When you know at minimum, your antenna will have to be replaced. And if that does not work. You will need to call in an expert at $50.00 an hour.And by the way,how did all those special hdtv antennas show up before the box even came out.Now i would like to know, is the government going to by all the portable tv’s. Like the ones i have in my van. Or the 7 inch i take to the beach. Or the walkman type hand held i not that lone ago purchased.Are we supposed to just throw them out. And i hear that the telephones are next. And i can kiss my printer fax goodby. You know your screwing the poor. And stuffing your own pockets.

  3. Jane Barnhill says:

    With an outdoor RCA antenna on my porch–not very high in the air…I get about 10 or 12 analog tv stations. When I hooked up the converter box I get 0. This is a mean trick to pull to promote cable tv and give us no options. Retired people can not afford the $50/month for cable. The gov is always for big business…they don’t care if we get “higher quality” thats a bunch of crap. If they did, they’d care about the “quality” of the air, water, housing, and food. Another give-away to big business. Everywhere you look.
    Very discouraged.
    Jane in Henderson, NC

  4. Jennifer T says:

    Hi my name is jennifer and i feel like this whole thing is just so crappy.It doesnt make sense to me that they came out with this converter box but we still might have to use the bunny ears.Well i’d be all for it if it could totally remove the use of bunny ears and etc.
    I dont think they thought long enough on this stuff.Im just not for it.Its more money out my pocket and its not doing the good like people are tryin to make it seem.If you think im wrong let me know.

  5. Janet Newton says:

    I purchased two converter boxes/Venturer from Target in Norfolk, Ne…I used my $40.00 coupons to do so…but these converter boxes DON’T WORK. My brother lent me one of the RCA converter boxes to try, and that does work. Can I reclaim my coupons…or get additional ones…to solve the problem. My coupon redemption #’s are 6340 and 6357. I have my receipts and the boxes, and everything that came with them. I am hoping to get additional coupons to replace the boxes that DON’T work. Thank You for your attention…Janet A. Newton

  6. Sam S says:

    So far we have bought 3 different brands of converter boxes and antennas but none of them work. With our analog tvs we receive about 5 stations, 6 on a good day, but with the boxes we cannot get any stations. I do not understand how this is an improvement on any grounds. This is also not a good time to force people to spend money when it could be better used to pay bills with our current economic situation.

  7. Emma says:

    Hi, Well, in a way I’m glad to hear that you all are having the same problem I am. We live in rural ND–about 100 miles from the city from which we get our local channels. With our roof top antenna we got 6 analog channels quite nicely and are satisfied with that. But when we hook up the box–nothing! Once it found ABC. So has anyone found a solution yet? We’ve rotated the antenna and everything we can think of. It really is frustrating, isn’t it?!! Why did they have to take away our TV??? Please help if you can.

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