I hooked up to the digital converter box but it could not find a signal hence no picture

J. recently posted a question:

I presently use rabbit ears for an antenna which works fine. I hooked up to the digital converter box but it could not find a signal hence no picture. It displayed the message weak signal. What options do I have?

I would recommend buying an indoor powered antenna first from a store with a good return policy. They cost anywhere from $20-$40. Installation time takes less than 5 minutes (One wire to connect to the converter), and the antenna itself is pretty easy to hide behind the TV due to its small size. Once you get everything installed, and turn the TV on, you’ll know right away if it’s the right one, or if you may want to upgrade to a larger outdoor antenna.


  1. T. Verchinski says:

    Our dtv converter box brings in a beautiful picture WHEN it works. However, the picture breaks up whenever a plane passes overhead or when there are high winds. In addition, we can no longer get reception or get the “weak signal” response for several channels. We live in a highly urban area. It is now most frustrating trying to watch TV. What is wrong and how do we fix it?

  2. Pat Joseph says:

    I’ve been working as a volunteer to help people set up their DTV converters. Be patient in trying to find a good spot for your antenna. Location is everything. If you have an antenna that mounts to the back of your TV, then get yourself one that you can move away from the TV. This will allow you to place it different locations. The signal that your trying to pick up will vary in strength as you move it to different places. Each time you move it, do another channel scan to see if you can pick up more channels. Check the menu to see if you have an option to do a scan that will keep the channels that have already been saved, and will only add new channels. And, by the way, don’t spend a bunch of money on a fancy “amplified” rabbit ears antenna. I’ve been working as a volunteer to hook upseen a few of them and they don’t seem to help at all.
    I’ve seen quite a few of the different converters, so if you have any questions about a particular model, ask.

    Pat Joseph

  3. Clifton Julye says:

    I used a coupon to buy a converter box, after I connected the box I found out the box was defective. I took the box back to the store, they gave me credit for the box but they told me that I have lost the use of my card and I would have to pay the whole price for the new box. THIS DOES NOT SOUND RIGHT.

  4. kim randolph says:

    I am on my second converter. Both have given me “no signal.”

    I have two rooftop antennas – one is fixed and does not have any kind of booster. The second has a booster that plugs into electricity and can be turned toward any signal I want. I get a fuzzy picture from the first and perfect picture from the second.

    We subscribe to a satillite service but we are 55 miles from Duluth, MN where I work and where we used to live. Both satillite companies insist on giving us local channels from Minneapolis, MN which is 150 miles to the south and we have no interest in those local channels. I only keep them for the network coverage. The satellite companies will not give us the local channels that matter to us for our news and weather.

    Our first digital converter box registers no signal no matter which antenna we use. I returned the first and tried a second with the same result. I know I hooked everything up correctly.

    I have been reading the forums looking for advice on how to make this thing work and they all suggest expensive rooftop antennas. This is all so unfair to low income people!

    This whole conversion is making me very angry. I am a social worker and work with low income people. They are struggling to come up with the extra $10 that the coupon doesn’t cover for the converter in the first place. Now tell them they have to buy expensive antennas to make these things work at all!??

  5. Chris Magadanz says:

    I can relate to Kim Randolf Feb 10 at 2:20pm. I live about 120 miles from the nearest TV station.Before I decided to get a converter box,I went and borrowed one from a friend.I am glad I did,for it would have been a waste of 10 to 20 dollars,which I can’t afford.All my stations that came in analog were no good in the first place, I am used to seeing snowstorms on tv very often. I have a fairly decent outdoor antenna,but I am not going to fork over any cash for a better one.It might not even work.Layed-off and trying to make ends meet. Good-bye TV,not much good on it anyways.

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