How do I connect a converter box to a TV with screws on the back?

Mark recently posted a question:

We have an old tv that we have used “rabbit ears on”. The antena wire “rabbit ears” are
attached to the tv with two screws on the tv set.

The converter box we just bought is to “plug” into a set with RCA Connections.  Is there another addapter plug we can buy?

Hello Mark, and thanks for visiting,

After days of searching, I think I’ve found a solution for you!

The type of screw type connectors that you have on the back of your analog television are called 300 ohm leads. I believe you can purchase a Coaxial Cable Push-On Balun 75 – 300 Ohm Adapter (Here’s a link to one, I haven’t verified this actual shopping site, so buyer beware, but I’m sure you can find one at your local radio shack or online retailer (Here’s a link to an online retailer that sells one

You’ll want to connect the converter to the coax connection on the adapter, then connect a 300 ohm flat wire stripped or wire spade lugs under screw terminals on the adapter and then on the television and tighten.

Let me know if this helped!


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