Converter Box Options for consumers without a DTV coupon

Converter Box

Welcome to the official TV Converter Box Purchase Guide.

Have you applied for a converter application yet? Have your coupons expired?

We recommend using eBay to purchase a converter. We’ve organized converter box auctions from eBay below based on listings that are ending soonest. If an auction has ended, try clicking on the next converter or refreshing your screen. No account? You can sign up here for eBay in less than 5 minutes.

This data is transmitted directly from eBay’s servers as each auction is listed.

We recommend buying from a reputable seller too and we’ve put together a tutorial on how to buy a converter box at eBay as well if you’re unsure about the seller or need help with buying on eBay.


  1. maria ortiz says:

    i have just bought a 7″vizio tv, i use it for my office the only thing is that with the antana that it came with does not have much reception and i acctually bought it to see channel 11 and 13 and no luck, i was wondering if a conerter box will make the diffrence? and also does it come with the parts that you need to juck it up with? i hope you undersand what i am talking about. thank you….

  2. admin says:

    Hi Maria,
    A converter box will most likely not improve reception for your Vizio television set. Your Vizio is already equipped with a digital tuner, so in essence, if you added a converter box to it, it would use the digital tuner from the converter box instead….but not increase reception quality.

    Your best bet would be to add an external antenna, but it’s impossible to tell how much it’ll actually help without knowing how close to the television broadcast towers are to your house.

    I’d recommend reading our suggesions here first before purchasing a new antenna:

    Also, if you do decide to buy a new antenna, make sure you purchase from a store that has a good return policy just in case it doesn’t help. Good luck.

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