DTV News: FCC relaxes rules on Digital Television for retailers

Source: Consumer Affairs

In a move backwards for the consumer,  The FCC agreed last week to limit the number of devices that would require stickers notifying customers that they would need a converter set-top box to ensure that they could continue to receive television signals over the air.  In other words, certain manufactures and retailers are excluded from having to notify customers that the TV they’re purchasing, is not ready for the Digital transition, and will still need a set top converter box.

Consumer Complaints
Many consumers have levied complaints that retailers are failing to inform consumers about what to do to prepare for the transition, and that the equipment being sold has been falsely advertised as “Digital Ready” without having the proper equipment to receive digital signals.  See a previous report from TVConversiohelp on fines against major retailers for failing to inform customers.

Research Report charges that Urban City’s may have bad reception for DTV Signals
Also in the article,  a report from a market research firm Centris has found that there will be some “Challenged Areas” for reception of Digital Television signals. Urban areas such as New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C., were the key areas that were listed.  The report mentioned that consumers in these areas may have to upgrade their existing antenna to be able to receive digital channels more clearly and also receive the full range of channels available. 

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