Will I Need A Digital Converter Box For The VCR if I have a Digital TV?

Larry recently sent in a question asking:

I currently record shows on my vcr from my digital tv during the day while at work, will i need a converter for the vcr?

Good afternoon Larry,

I have a couple of questions for you before I can answer your question.

#1. Do you have a digital TV with a built in digital converter? (If you don’t know, skip this question)

#2. When you watch TV, does your VCR have to be turned on to receive regular television channels? (Reason why I ask, is if you’re using your TV’s digital converter to receive television signals and not your VCR’s analog receiver, you should be fine.)

I think you should be good, but, if you want to email me and let me know what Television Model including part # you have, I can give you a more accurate answer.

Unfortunately, some TV’s were sold as “Digital Ready” but did not include a digital receiver, so hopefully yours came equipped with one.

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