How do I Install a Digital Converter Box, VCR, and DVD Player?

Pamela recently posted a question:

I have a DTV digital converter box but I have both the DVD and a VCR that I would like to connect and to watch, first I can’t the proper connection and second I can’t figure out how to get it to play now, can you help guide me, I do have the Antenna in going into the DTG box and the Antenna out going to the T.V. what must I do with the Red yellow and white wires I have out on converter box and in on the VCR, I only have on my DVD Coaxial and Antenna out can you help me. And how to I get to the proper channel to see them, does the DTV box go on standby while I am using the VCR or DVD? I do need some help with this, please

Hey there Pamela,
I’m making a couple of assumptions with my recommendations below. The first assumption is that you have a TV manufactured in the past 15 years that has 2 Composite (3 wire) inputs and a VCR with 1 Composite input and 1 Composite output. They’re pretty standard inputs/outputs, so I’ll move on to the installation.

Here’s what I recommend…
(By the way, if these directions seem a little tough to understand, I’ve found some digital converter box installation videos that may be helpful.)

1. I’m going to assume you already have the DVD player connected (3 Wires from the DVD player into the TV input). You’ll want to leave that connection as it is.

2. Next let’s focus on the converter box/VCR/TV, we’ll want to hook up wires from the Digital Converter Box to take that signal to the VCR, which we’ll then route to the TV. So…. It’ll go in this order… Converter Box ——–> VCR ——> TV

Lets start with the Converter Box to the VCR. Run a composite cable(3 Wires Yellow/Video, 1 Red/1 White/Audio) from the output of your digital converter box, to the input composite connection holes of your VCR.

Then, let’s take the signal from the VCR to the TV. To do that, you’ll have to run a 2nd composite cable from your VCR composite output to your television composite input.

3. That’s it. I’m not sure if you’re going to use an antenna, but I highly recommend getting an indoor antenna to improve DTV reception.

4. When you power on your TV, remember that you’ll have to have both the VCR on and the converter box powered on as well to watch or record digital television. You’ll have to change the TV channel to either channel-3, channel-4, or “Input” because some of the newer model TVs are set up that way and then use the remote for the converter box to change channels.

5. Want to see a video example of this DTV installation? Check out

Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions.


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