Do I have to buy a certain brand converter box for a certain brand TV?

Linda recently posted a question:

question? do you need to buy a certain brand converter to go with a certain brand tv??? or will any converter work with any brand of tv?. thanks!

Hello Linda, and thanks for visiting…
No, you do not have to buy a certain brand of digital converter (CECB) to work with a certain brand of television set for DTV.  The main consideration you’ll want to weigh before your purchase will be the type of connection into the TV that the converter box will need to have.

Most all converter boxes have (2) types of outputs to connect into your TV, though only (1) is really needed.  A coaxial (RF Output) connection and a composite rca connection (red, white, yellow).  You’ll probably want to use the coax connection into the TV and save the composite inputs on the TV for your VCR or DVD player.

Typical specs on a good all around converter box look like this:

Cables Included   A/V cable, RF cable  
Supported Languages   English  
Inputs   1 x “F” Plug(Antenna in)  
Outputs   1 x “F” Plug(To TV), 1 x RCA(Audio), 1 x RCA(Video)

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