I purchased a converter box but received a “No Signal” Message after I hooked it up

Mark recently posted a question:

I have purchased two of the RCA converter boxes with the coupon program and have tried to hook them up to my TV’s. When I hook them up I get the message NO Signal. I live in the Saint Louis area and without the converter (just using my rooftop antenna) I get a good picture on several channels. What is the problem and how can I correct this?

Hello Mark, thank you for visiting!
When you get a chance, can you email me and let me know if you have tried connecting your rooftop antenna to the DTV converter boxes?  Have you tried changing the channels on the converter boxes after the message “No Signal” appears on the TV?

I spent memorial weekend driving from St. Louis to Chicago, and was blown away by all of the green landscape and tree’s you guys have!

Anyway, according to consumer ,you’ll see a black screen that says “Weak or no signal” if you’re either too far from a tower or with too many obstacles in the way.  How tall is the antenna from the ground?

You may want to try connecting a different powered antenna, just to confirm that you don’t have any problems with your roof antenna. Weather can wreak havoc on roof top mounted antennas over time, especially on the coax cabling.

Worst case scenario (not the cheapest alternative!), you may want to have an antenna technician come out ($50/hour) to troubleshoot for you. In most instances, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to diagnose and modify your setup to be optimized for DTV.

Let me know about my questions above, via email or by commenting on this article below.

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