What can I do if my coupons expires and I don’t have a place to buy a converter box?

Hector recently posted a question:

“I live in Puerto Rico and I already received my coupons. The problem is that the coupons have an expiration date and the stores don’t have the boxes in stock. What can I do if my coupons expires and I don’t have a place to buy it? I think that the coupons do not suppose to have an expiration date.”

Hello Hector, and thank you for visiting!
Check out this news story when you get a chance. It appears that lawmakers are currently reviewing the 90 day expiration policy on the converter box coupons. As of 6/11/08, the expiration dates on the coupons have not been extended, so you’ll want to make sure and use them before the exp. date they’ve given you.

Have you searched online for converter boxes? I must admit that I have limited experience when it comes to giving you information about usage of the coupons internationally and what type of converter you’ll want to use.

You may want to visit Solid Signal (I have not verified this retailer of converter boxes, so proceed with caution). Their shipping locations outside the continental U.S. include Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands


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