Recent DTV Questions: New DTV but bad digital reception? Converter for VCR?

Queston #1: New DTV but bad digital reception?

We recently purchased a new Digital TV and currently use it with rabbit ears. We get pretty good analog reception. We DO NOT have cable. Whenever we switch it to the digital channels our digital reception stinks and is very intermittant (NO SIGNAL) or very pixilated. When the changeover comes in Feb. will we have to get cable in order to get good digital reception?

Answer:  Hi Mags, unless you live more than 125 miles from a broadcast tower, it’s highly doubtful that you’ll have to get cable.

You may have to invest in a powered antenna ($15-$25) to see if that helps with reception. I suggest purchasing one from a store that has a good return policy just in case the antenna doesn’t help. TV reception can be affected by trees, buildings, and weather so you may want place your antenna in a location to avoid for such obstructions.

I had a situation quite similar to yours before I added a powered antenna to my DTV.  On my setup at home, I purchased a brand new high defnition Mitsubishi 1080P flat panel television set with a built in digital tuner (no converter required).  When I plugged the TV in I was quite shocked to find that it only received half of the digital channels available without an antenna.

After doing some research, I found that the television broadcast tower was located less than 10 miles from our house!  I went online and purchased a $40 antenna, and after hooking it up, 95% of the channels were now coming through.  So I sent that antenna back, and purchased a heavier duty antenna, and haven’t looked back since.

Let us know what you decide to do when you get a chance.


Question #2: Converter for TV connected to VCR used to watch VCR movies Only?

 have a T.V. set that will only play VCR’s, no channels- i keep so the grandkids can have each their own program- will i need a converter box for that one? AM getting one for the t.v. that recieves channels. thank you – sally

Answer: Hello Sally, great question!

If you only use this television for viewing VCR tapes, you will not need a digital converter. If you should ever decide to upgrade to a DVD player you still will not need a digital converter box either.

The only instance where you would need a digital converter box would be if you were using the TV to view television broadcasts/channels over-the-air (through an antenna).

Thanks again for visiting and let me know if you have any other questions,


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