Startling FCC DTV Hurricane Plan for Handheld TV Owners

One of the nagging problems with the switch to digital television is the lack of options available for handheld and mobile TV owners. There just isn’t any workable alternatives available for users of these devices; so what does this mean after the digital transition date of February 17th, 2009? Most analog handheld and mobile TVs will be rendered useless.

What about the consumers that depend on these devices for news or information during an emergency or power outage?

And once the entire country goes digital, none of the stations will be allowed to switch over to analog, even if there’s an emergency.

The above quote is from a National Public Radio station, which echoed comments from FCC Commisioners at a recent town hall meeting.

I’m going to open the comments section below this post for users of handheld and mobile tvs to voice their opinion.  Your comments will be monitored (usually takes a day) before they’re posted, but I’d like to get some public opinion on this story.

 Update: 11-19-08

There is now a “portable” converter box on the market which may allow for consumers to convert their analog televisions for digital television.  Check it out here: Winegard RCDT09A – First Battery Powered Converter Box Available Soon  Read Reviews about it here: Winegard RC-DT09 Converter Box

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