Winegard RCDT09A – First Battery Powered Converter Box Available Soon

The Winegard RCDT09A will be the first digital-to-analog converter box on the market to be powered by battery, and it’s elgible for use with the $40 converter box coupon card.  This is great news for consumers who use a portable analog to get news updates during power outages or emergency situations.


The RCDT09A can be operated off of standard power AC adapter, or (purchased seperately) battery pack.

The battery pack is sold separately and will require six D batteries.  Winegard reports that the RCDT09A can  last up to 18 hours before the batteries need to be changed.

CNet reports a huge negative for the device for those looking for overall performance:

The RCDT09A technically has an EPG, but it’s about as basic as they get. You can see program data for the show that’s currently on, and if you hit right on the directional pad you can see the programs coming next. Overall, we much prefer EPGs that let us see many programs and channels at a time, like the EPG on the Dish Network TR-40 CRA or even the simpler EPG on the RCA DTA800B1.

So it looks like the EPG (also known as an electronic program guide) is pretty limited.  It’s a bit of a setback for those looking to have an all purpose converter box that can be used on the road or at home.

Considering this dtv box is the only option right now on the market for getting a portable television to convert to digital television, I think consumers can overlook the EPG.

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