9 Million Homes Still Not Ready For Digital Conversion

In a report released last week by marketing information and audience measurement firm The Nielsen Company, currently estimates that more than 9 million homes have television sets that are still not ready for the analog-digital conversion. Another 12 million homes will have at least one TV set that will not be ready for the digital transition.

Other notable items from the report include a reference to the 7 million battery operated analog televisions that may “go dark” after the switch to digital television.  Most all of these mobile TVs (which also include TVs in motor homes, cars, van, and semi-trucks) will also require a converter box for continued operation after the digital transition in February 2009.

Consumers with “analog” television sets that currently receive television programming over-the-air (by antenna), will need to purchase a converter box to continue watching TV after the digital transition.  Consumers who rely on battery operated portable televisions during power failure, may want to consider alternative means to stay informed. As of this date, most all converter boxes run on electricity, with the exception of one dtv box manufactured by Winegard.

-written by acwriter



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