Why are we “Upgrading” to DTV?

Why upgrade to DTV? Why fix something that isn’t broke?

We’ve have been told that the analog air waves after the transition to digital television will be used for public safety usage and advance wireless services. The need to free up air signals for emergency public service communication usage is completely understandable. We all want our fire, police and ambulance services to be able to communicate to each other quickly.  But, that isn’t the only reason for the conversion to DTV.

How does free wi-fi service or the ability to surf the internet at lower prices sound? At the current time, pricing for unlimited mobile internet run between $45 – $60 a month depending on the carrier and service.  After the FCC begins auctioning off the old analog air space, consumers should begin to receive benefits from Wirless Carriers that offer services using the old television sigal airwaves. While lower priced internet access is a very possible scenario, another convenience is in the works.

Some stations have already shut off their analog signals in order for Qualcomm to expedite the rollout of MediaFLO, a multichannel mobile TV product. Apparently, part of the reason we are giving up free analog television is so that those who can afford it will be able to watch television shows on their cell phones. Both ATT Wireless with 61 million and Verizon Wireless with 57 million customers have contracted with Qualcomm’s MediaFLO USA to provide Mobile TV. While this may be a desired convenience for many, there are even more consumers that will not require mobile TV, but would just be happy with their old standby regular television shows.

Millions of households and their televisions will no longer be able to receive signals after the conversion. Some consumers insist on waiting out the transition to see if it just blows over.  Begin learning today about DTV to make sure your television will continue to receive over-the-air signals after the digital transition on February 17th, 2009.

-written by acwriter


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