FCC Chairmen Kevin Martin cancels December 18 meeting to focus on DTV

A critical letter from Senator Rockefeller and Representative Waxman stated that there wasn’t a “consensus to move forward.” in regards to a Dec. 18 FCC Public Meeting.

“In light of the letter, it does not appear that there is consensus to move forward and the agenda meeting has been canceled. The items will remain on circulation and the Commissioners can still vote on them.”, said by an FCC Spokesman (From: Broadcasting and Cable).

Instead, FCC Chairmen Kevin Martin was advised to focus on the DTV Transition.

The FCC meeting was to highlight a few issues including a proposed $11 million in fines against seven cable and telco television service providers.

Other items on the Dec. 18th, 2008 meeting agenda were:

1) spectrum auction rules/free broadband proposal
2) wireless license renewal
3) DTV translator service
4) cable carriage rules
5) violations of the Commission’s DTV consumer education requirements
6) wireless, enhanced 911 location requirements
7) Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service. Admission is free; you pay at the door.

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