RCA DTA800b1

RCA DTA800b1
RCA DTA800b1 Conerter Box

1 x RF input ( F connector ) – Rear , 1 x RF output ( F connector ) – Rear , 1 x Composite video/audio output ( RCA phono x 3 ) – Rear

Review: A suitable converter box in terms of picture quality, the RCA DTA 800b1 is a good choice for those wanting an easy to operate, no extra frills digital-to-analog converter. The DTA 800b1 is a revision to the original RCA DTA800. Updates for the 800b1 include a better tuner for receiving more distant digital broadcasts, smart antenna connectivity, and analog passthru. For new programming features, the DTA800b1 can now add channels manually where the DTA800 could not.

Dislikes: If you’re looking for a converter box with a premium program guide, you may want to skip over the DTA800b1. It’s only capable of showing the current channel’s programming info, (current, and next show). Also, the DTA800b1 has been reported to change channels slowly by many on A/V forums. No RCA cables included.

How much should you pay: Tracking down an RCA DTA 800b1 may prove difficult at retail stores, but we’ve seen many go up for sale on eBay. We’ve seen some 800b1’s sell for as little as $19 and others go for $40 in January 2010.

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