Tivax STB-T8

Tivax STB-T8 Converter Box

Analog pass through for easier connection to tv antennas
Supports both 4×3 and 16×9 tv aspect ratios
Dolby Digital

Review: The Tivax STB-T8 replaced the former STB-T9 and is considered by many (including Consumer Reports, and members of to be the best converter box on the market. Why? For starters, the electronic program guide (epg) on the STB-T8 includes featres such as storing up to seven days of programming information and ability to view program information on other channels than just the one you’re currently viewing. Other features such as a signal meter, manual channel add capability, and smart antenna port make th STB-T8 a smart choice for receiving digital television signals.

Dislikes: Some review websites have given positive reviews about the solid metal construction of the STB-T8, but we differ in opinion. Due to the use of metal materials, the STB-T8 is more prone to heat up, especially so in tight mounting places like a TV cabinet or on top of other electronic equipment. We advise that you make some room for this device after connecting it to your TV to safegaurd it from overheating.

What should you pay? Auctions on eBay range from $25-$40. Be prepared to pay a premium for the STB-T8 compared to other converter boxes.

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