Access HD 1080D TV Converter Box Review (2011)

Our research on various ratings and review websites for the Access HD 1080D TV Converter Box shows that this digital-to-analog converter box disappoints more than it pleases. With that said, the Access HD 1080D does its job as designed to enable analog televisions and digital ready TVs to receive free over-the-air digital signals.

The unit comes with a dedicated remote control and features an on screen guide, a signal meter, and parental controls.

Reviews on show that the Access HD 1080D TV Converter Box tends to overheat. The longer it stays on, the hotter it gets to the touch. This may or may not be at dangerous levels, but it is still disconcerting. There is also an annoying high pitched buzz that worsens whenever the volume is increased.

As for the remote control, it has been reported as unreliable. The unit is slow to respond to channel changes, has difficulty controlling the volume, and sometimes the on/off button won’t even work.

Picture reception appears to be tightly connected to the antenna in use. In fact, a new antenna may need to be purchased to get all of the channels that should be available or to get a clear picture. Otherwise, the video reception can be poor, even choppy with video breakups and drops.

This unit also requires frequent resetting, meaning that if it is unplugged, the channels have to be rescanned which can be a slow process.

Worse for consumers, the customer service for this item is lacking with long periods on hold with very little satisfaction once a call gets through.

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Specs on the Access HD 1080D

Support Analog Pass-Through
Convert Digital TV signal to Analog
Multi-lingual support
Digital Parental control
Remote control included

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