Coby DTV102 TV Converter Box Review (2011)

The Coby DTV102 TV Converter Box, manufactured only in black, will get the job done for converting over the air digital transmissions for older analog televisions.  Our research of reviews and buyer feedback on the DTV102 show that this converter box is generally regarded as reliable.

Features of this unit include on screen electronic program guide, the ability to do analog pass throughs, a strength meter that responds as the antenna is moved, and a remote control, which is vital since the box itself does not have any operational buttons on it.

The setup is simple and quick via a regular composite hookup. There is not, however, the option for an S-Video connection. Note that some sites state there is an S-Video input, but that is false as even the Coby website (Located Here) does not mention it in the manual.

The program guide isn’t as advanced as some others, but it does show what is on now and what is scheduled for the following hour.

The most questionable aspect of the product seems to be the remote control, which some have reported turns on or off other electronics and can interfere with the TV operation. It also is very sensitive in terms of direction, meaning that it may only work from certain spots. Another negative is that it doesn’t include a volume control.

That said, on the whole, the unit is acknowledged to present a solid picture, receive channels adequately, and basically do the service for which it is intended.

Buy @ Amazon for $39.18
Buy Used @ eBay for $15.99 to $41.00

Specs on the Coby DTV102 Converter Box

Digital is the future of television. The Coby DTV-102 ATSC Standard-Definition Converter Box converts over-the-air Digital Television signals for use with older standard definition TVs (480i).
Receives free Over-the-Air (OTA) Digital Television signals Downconverts OTA HDTV signals for use with Standard- and Enhanced- Definition TVs (480i/480p)
Compatible with all 18 ATSC signal formats
On-screen Electronic Program Guide support

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