How To Watch Football Live on TV Without Cable or Satellite

Free Football – How To Watch NFL and NCAA Football Live on TV

When it comes to cutting the cord, one of the most missed things is sports. Not having ESPN is a fear that many people have when they move to watching free TV, but it doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. In fact, there are ways to watch most, if not all, of the football games that you are afraid of missing out on. With a combination of set top boxes and free TV channels you can have access to NFL and NCAA games without any fear of having to miss a game. We’ll look at both of them to give you an idea of the kinds of things that we are talking about.


Using a Streaming Set Top Box Like the Roku or Apple TV


Set top boxes are some of the most popular options for people who are trying to get away from cable contracts, but still want to use their TV to watch their shows and not be stuck watching them on the computer. That is why they are so handy when it comes to watching football.


While not technically “free,” Roku packages are available from all of the major sporting organizations, allowing you a chance to watch them without the price tag. NFL and NCAA games are included in this, with the ones that aren’t broadcast here being found on over-the-air networks.


If you have a Roku specifically, though, you can also download what are known as “private” channels. These will let third party developers create channels that don’t have to follow the rules that other channels do on Roku, which gives them the chance to do things like stream content with ease. Football channels are available here that will give you ESPN channels and more, without having to pay the price associated with them.


Getting Free TV Channels Over The Air


You don’t have to have a cable subscription to get many of the TV channels that sports typically come on. This won’t include things like ESPN, but an antenna can get you local channels that include the major networks in most areas.


A good antenna can cost less than $20 and give you the local over-the-air channels that feature NFL and NCAA games. This means ABC, NBC, Fox, and more are within reach without having to pay each month for them, even in hi definition! You might have to purchase an outdoor antenna, though, if they are broadcast from too far away, so be sure to check online to see how many miles you are from the place that they are transmitting the signal from.


Watching Football


You don’t have to miss out on NCAA or NFL games anymore! It is a simple process once you know what you are looking for and once you have the right equipment. Use this guide to get you started and you’ll find that there are plenty of places to find football games that you can enjoy with your friends, without having to spend too much money on cable channels and fancy pieces of equipment to illegally watch them!

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