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Welcome to the Frequently Asked DTV Questions Section

Our FAQ is divided into 3 main areas.

*Coupon program questions
*Digital Transition questions
*Converter Box Installation Help

Coupon Program

Who can request a coupon and how can I apply?

What is the TV Converter Box Coupon Program?

How long do I have to wait for my converter box coupon and where can I check status of it?

What TV Converter Boxes are eligible for the Converter Box Coupon Program?

The Digital Transition

What is DTV?

Will my Analog TV become obsolete after February 17, 2009?

Do I have to buy a new HD (High Definition) TV?

How do I know if I already have a digital TV (DTV)?

If I upgrade today, can I begin to receive DTV broadcasting programs?
General Questions

Where can I find the Lowest cost step by instructions for upgrading my old TV?

Will I need a special antenna to receive DTV over-the-air?

What is Standard Definition TV (STV), Enhanced TV (ETV), and High Definition TV (HDTV)? 

Viewer DTV Questions and Answers

Will You Help Me Select a Digital Converter Box?

I heard on tv that we are supposed to buy a digital converter box that has both NTSC and ATSC tuners or it’s a hoax box.

What can I do if my coupons expires and I don’t have a place to buy it?

If I have more than one tv, do I have to have a box for every tv or does my cable box take care of all tv’s?

Can I sign up for the digital converter coupon program for my second home?

Options for Rural DTV Viewers

If I bought a digital tv would I still need the converter box because we only have local stations?

Is it possible to use the digital converter, vcr, and tv so I can record one show and watch another or will I need two converter boxes?

Will dtv make more stations available to me vs my old broadcast reception?

I hooked up to the digital converter box but it could not find a signal hence no picture

I have a DVR Cable Box from Insight, do I have to buy a converter box?

We were told that you won’t be able to receive DTV channels more than 50 miles away from the broadcast tower, is this true?

I purchased a converter box but received a “No Signal” Message after I hooked it up

Do I have to buy a certain brand converter box for a certain brand TV?

How do I Install a Digital Converter Box, VCR, and DVD Player?

Where is my Digital Converter Box Coupon?

Will I Need A Converter Box to Watch DTV With My VCR?

Can i Set the VCR for timer recording without having to set the digital converter box to the channel I want to record?

If I Have Cable Do I Need A Converter Box?

Our digital converter box has a coax connector labled “in from antenna” and a different type of input for a smart antenna, what are these?

Will I Need A Digital Converter Box For The VCR if I have a Digital TV?

Where Can a I Buy a Digital Converter with Analog-Passthrough?